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Infidelity Q & A

Hello guys we told you that we would answer those questions from our previous blog, InfidelityHere are the Q’s:  Would you ever tell your sibling’s spouse that you knew that your sibling cheated in their marriage?  Would you lie if they asked you? Why & Why not ?
Our answers are below. Feel free to give your opinion on the questions and post your comments. Let us know how you feel about the subject.
Sister Kristy: I would not volunteer the answer to my sister’s spouse. I would evade the question if directly asked. I do not feel it would be my place to tell such loaded information. I would leave it up to my “cheating sister” to come clean to her husband.
Sister Melissa: I agree with my sister.  I would not volunteer any information.  If I was asked I would simply tell him to ask his wife.
Would your opinion of your sibling change if you knew they slept with someone married? 
Sister Kristy: My opinion would not change of my sister. I would be disappointed in her. But it is no different from other times in which she did something that I did not approve of. 

Sister Melissa: My opinion wouldn’t change but she would definitely know how I felt about it.  It’s not my place to judge her & she knows right from wrong.

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