Sister Kristy: This is quite a loaded question… Well there are many schools of thought on this issue. Sometimes I am all for having sex, because it’s what my body wants, while other times I see the wisdom of withholding.  Sex can be an intense emotional roller coaster.  One should consider the consequences of having sex.  What would be the end result of giving it up? …. a call back…a cold shoulder…..or commitment?  How would you deal with a cold shoulder or no returned phone call?  Are you ready for a commitment?  You know the kind that you would have to carry for nine months and in eighteen years send off to college?

Sister Melissa: Interesting….even the title.  I understand that once you have sex it’s hard to fight the temptation NOT to have it.  The bottom line is this: Your beliefs, Your morals, Your faith.  It’s your respect for & of yourself.  We all know or have some knowledge of  “we are to wait until we get married.” People can preach all day long but it becomes your responsibility of you.  Naturally, sex has alot of consequences emotionally & physically…Spiritually, it ties you to the one you give yourself to & ALL the other people they have given themselves to.  Spiritually, the consequences are soo much more detrimental to your health, wealth… your LIFE!

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